These are the General Terms and Conditions of West Coast Pinball Festival (owned and operated by Kamikaze Events Pty Ltd). All questions concerning the General Terms and Conditions should be directed to West Coast Pinball Festival using the Contact page

Important notice: Please note the additional Terms & Conditions that apply while the West Australian State of Emergency Directions for the COVID-19 pandemic are in place. The additions are to be read in conjunction with West Coast Pinball Festival’s General Terms & Conditions.


Do not attend the Festival if you are unwell

Please do not be attend the Festival if you are unwell. As an interim COVID-19 measure if you are unwell, please contact us via the Contact page prior to attending the Festival to discuss your options with us. Your options include exchanges or a refund.

Contact tracing

While contract tracing data collection is no longer mandatory, we may request the contact details for patrons when you purchase your tickets (either online or at the door). Please inform us if the contact details for you or your guest(s) change after booking your tickets, including if your group includes different people.

Health and Hygiene

West Coast Pinball Festival is working with venue management to increase cleaning regimes and provide heightened hygiene facilities for the event. There will be hand sanitiser available for you to use at the venue before entering and when leaving, whilst also present throughout the venue.

Physical Distancing

Please ensure you are practicing physical distancing with our staff and other patrons by keeping a distance of 1.5 metres and that you use the designated queuing spots on the floor when lining up at the performance venue. Please listen to any direction given by our staff.

ServiceWA App

We recommend patrons download the Western Australian Government’s ServiceWA app and familiarise themselves with the latest Covid-safe advice. Click here for more information.


The sale of tickets (or passes) for the West Coast Pinball Festival and attendance at Festival (or associated events) are subject to these General Terms and Conditions as well as any specific terms and conditions notified at the time of ticket sale.

“Event” means the West Coast Pinball Festival, or any other event organised or activation activity planned by the West Coast Pinball Festival (owned and operated by Kamikaze Events Pty Ltd).

“You” means the person acquiring a ticket (or pass) or seeking to attend an Event and “we” means West Coast Pinball Festival.

By acquiring a ticket (or pass) for an Event and/or seeking to attend an Event, you agree to these General Terms and Conditions.

By purchasing a ticket (or acquiring a pass) on behalf of someone else, you undertake to inform them of these General Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions notified at the time of sale.

These General Terms and Conditions also apply to tickets (or passes) issued by an authorised ticket seller or provider (if any). To the extent of any inconsistency, these General Terms and Conditions, and any other conditions of sale relating to the specific Event notified at the time of sale, will prevail.

Resale Prohibited

You agree not to re-sell any tickets for profit.

Tickets must be purchased from an authorised ticket seller and must not be included in packages or used in advertising unless authorised by us in writing.

Tickets not purchased directly from the Festival or any other unauthorised re-seller may be cancelled without notice and/or the holder may be refused admission to the Event.

Other Terms and Conditions of Sale

We may impose other terms and conditions of sale in relation to specific Events, in which case you will be notified of these at the time of sale, including on our website with the information relating to the specific Event.

We may impose a maximum ticket limit to specific Events.

West Coast Pinball Festival reserves the right to change any element of its sales structure, including but not limited to any applicable reserves and pricing, at any time and without notice. Pricing for any event or product sold through West Coast Pinball Festival, may be subject to demand based pricing. This may see prices increase or decrease at any time during a sales period for any given event or product. These changes may occur without notice.


We will not be responsible for refunding tickets purchased from unauthorised re-sellers.

Otherwise, you are entitled to a refund if we cancel an Event or reschedule it to a date and time more than 6-months later than originally scheduled and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled Event.

If you believe an Event you have attended was not provided substantially as advertised, we will give reasonable consideration to your request for a refund. However, we reserve the right not to provide a refund:

  • merely because you did not enjoy the Event or venue, you arrived late or did not attend;
  • if you were refused entry or removed due to your breach of these General Terms and Conditions (or any other reasonably acceptable reason)
  • if, despite our reasonable diligence, the cause was outside our control.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund you should apply within five business days after the Event’s scheduled commencement. If you do not seek a refund within a reasonable timeframe we may not provide you with the requested refund, unless required by law.

Any refund payable will be made to the original purchaser, and when practicable to the original form of payment used to purchase the ticket.

We will not be responsible for any expenses incurred or to be incurred by you, for example travel, car parking, child care, accommodation or other goods or services, even if the Event is cancelled. You should consider whether insurance is appropriate for your circumstances.


While we endeavour to keep ticket-holders informed, details may change sometimes with little or no notice. For example, pinball machines or scheduled participants and activities may be added, withdrawn or substituted or the venue may change.

Despite entry confirmed with every general admissions ticket purchase, we do not guarantee anything beyond admission – seat allocation, machine play time, machine type and availability to play. If we need to allocate a different session time for operational reasons (or reasons outside our control), including a change of venue, we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure it is provided at a time and location that ensures you can reasonably attend.

We make every effort to ensure pricing is correct but we reserve any rights we may have to correct genuine errors.

Refusal of Admission

We may refuse entry to an Event or have you removed from the venue on valid grounds, including if:

  • you fail to comply with these General Terms and Conditions or the venue’s Conditions of Entry;
  • we have not received payment for your ticket or you are unable to produce a ticket;
  • you are intoxicated or you behave in a threatening, disruptive or offensive manner;
  • you manhandle, manipulate or interfere with any machines or equipment;
  • you interfere or pose a risk in the opinion of the organiser’s with regard to the safe running of the Event;
  • you interfere unreasonably with another visitor’s enjoyment of the Event or venue or with our staff carrying out their functions; or
  • as specified elsewhere in these General Terms and Conditions.

We may need to refuse admission for safety or security reasons, in which case we will refund your ticket if it was purchased in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

We do not provide supervision of children. All children requiring supervision must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times and may be refused admission or attendance if not accompanied by a supervising adult.

Latecomers, no-shows or those required to leave early will not be entitled to a refund or part-thereof based on time they were not in attendance.


You should make your own further inquiries before deciding whether an Event is suitable.

You are responsible for your personal possessions such as bags, mobile phones and other items you carry with you.

Our liability to you in relation to tickets is limited to the obligations specified in these General Terms and Conditions and our obligations under applicable laws.

The Australian Consumer Law provides certain statutory guarantees for consumers which cannot be excluded, for example that services will be provided with due care and skill. Nothing in these General Terms and Conditions modifies or excludes those guarantees.

Complaints & Feedback

If you experience a problem or issue with our venue or our services, please let the organisers (or representatives) know promptly and we will use reasonable endeavours to address the issue.

Feedback and complaints can be be made online via the Contact page.